Wednesday, June 10, 2009

spilt tea...

Ahhh... on my ancient assessment (good one) why o why do i have to do this ridiculous workload, ill be up all nightt no doubt.

Just had coffee at Brewsters with cassandra! twas loverly - good chat ... It is freeezing i have about 7 layers on and my hands are numb from walking back in the cold! Why is MK so fashionable - if i had the money i would be up there with her look for sure- i was thinking today well actually i was thinking alot about moving out wen im like 20 or so and it is soo expensive to move into the city espech wen im so broke write now and prob will be for the rest of my life if i keep buying clothes etc for myself. errggghhh so devo. I MUST SAVE!

not the biggest fan of LL but she is looking rather flashin that turquoise (cant spell it) vest and stylish handbag. loving the look not so much her. haha
sore throat coming on - great winter has finally arrived! DAMN..

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