Thursday, June 25, 2009


Love theses reminds me of my holiday house near batemans bay called 'rosedale' this is kind of like 'boat beach' at rosedale! and my oh my do i love rosedale - it is my get away and my holiday destination love. I already miss those summer days there.

I want hair like her - or at least take a photo that looks as good as this. i do admit im alittle sick of school work and sipping tea each school night. I might have a extra early night just to pass time and make it run faster!

much love x.x.x

Monday, June 22, 2009

12 hour heel trott

tommy's & lisa's 20th from 5:00pm to 3:30am

bus to tommy's and lisa for pre drinks + taxi to cargo + peter days taxi service from cargo to the Rocks to the argah + the orient + a stop of at macca's = sore feet N tirednesss but a GOOD night

Thursday, June 18, 2009

happy snaps

Dress: witchery
Light brown Clutch: sportsgirl
Shoes: freelance

Dress: Fleurfood
handbag: nine-west
shoes: freelance
D&G watch: angus & coote

Yellow and black dress: ice
Shoes: Macy's in Hawaii


i wish i was the designer of these


so, i grabbed my flash light pink mug, and walked past my room mates sprawled in the lounge room and into the kitchen and pressed down the on button of the kettle - while waiting more than 5 mintues for it to heat, i then began to poor the water into my mug to find it still cold. Making a scene in front of my friends i screamed - 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE KETTLE' .fucken hell. one of them walk past and said omg kate the kettle isnt even turned on from the power point - this i found was extremely sad on my behalf, how could i put my self in such a situation where everyone was able to see what a true 'blonde' i really am! shame on myself. However i hastingly say that was not the first time ive done something so 'blonde'. Anyhoo.. im finding this photo really cool as the outdoor railing is very fancy and makes the picture look like its taken from a apartment building in Paris. doesnt that sound idealic. plus the fact that she is super skinny adds to make her even luckier!

Im extremely exicted for this weekend, i just want to get out of this small room

I want to go shopppping this weekend - definatly vintage shopping, i want to find some blouse type shirts ones that dont stick to ur skin. I definatly wish i had some money right now... there is always the parents ... hmmm a pair of shoes is looking enticing! got my best bf birthday at cargo in darling harbour on saturday night - i dont know what im going to wear -- decisions decisions....


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wishing back the younger years

Garrrr...why cant it be the same.............??!?

no early night for me tonight, i got lots and lots of study for business. Is it normal to replay the same song over and over again?
I love these photographs, damn her skinniness, so jealous! - she looks stunning!

Monday, June 15, 2009

RUN AWAY doubts and fears

ESCAPED the tiny room and ran

not just for athletics
to clear my thoughts!


I cant wait to visit that great day again


a fat day.
a broken day


a weird day

a long day

a blank day

a rainy day

A HATE day

a early morning day

a school working day

a no home and away day

a long wait for dinner day

this is a bad day

i look forward to that GREAT day

le weekend

Thursday, June 11, 2009

my bed shirt

it is great

weeekend so soon!

sleeeep in
i always wear big shirts to bed - love it
atm im wearing a massive one that i bought from hawaii

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

welcoming the winter

It has finally hit me already - the sore throat which leads to a running nose to a bad cough. GREAT. all i need right now wen i have ancient due tomorrow. kill me now........ althought our assessment is rather interesting, id rather be in bed with a hot cup of tea and watching blue crush ..blaaaaa

spilt tea...

Ahhh... on my ancient assessment (good one) why o why do i have to do this ridiculous workload, ill be up all nightt no doubt.

Just had coffee at Brewsters with cassandra! twas loverly - good chat ... It is freeezing i have about 7 layers on and my hands are numb from walking back in the cold! Why is MK so fashionable - if i had the money i would be up there with her look for sure- i was thinking today well actually i was thinking alot about moving out wen im like 20 or so and it is soo expensive to move into the city espech wen im so broke write now and prob will be for the rest of my life if i keep buying clothes etc for myself. errggghhh so devo. I MUST SAVE!

not the biggest fan of LL but she is looking rather flashin that turquoise (cant spell it) vest and stylish handbag. loving the look not so much her. haha
sore throat coming on - great winter has finally arrived! DAMN..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bloated...HATE IT :(

procrastinating again.

decided to set some goals for myself on the train to school yesturday, i ponder to which day im going to actually go by the rules i set myself. However, this is decided and in saying that i shall remain positive and rely on my goals!

one - i must stop PROCRASTINATION

two - i will wish willing to be like kate bosworth in any way shape or form! I AM JEALOUS OF YOU BOYFRIEND TOO. no boyfriends are a ban during the HSC! (slap)

three - early mornings should be a good thing not a bad thing (excerise is good for you)

four - i shall no gouge down sultanas as if they were lollies


My special day...nostalgic

Hates tuesday night. (dinner with evil it is.)

my 18th... one of the funniest nights of my life.