Thursday, June 18, 2009


so, i grabbed my flash light pink mug, and walked past my room mates sprawled in the lounge room and into the kitchen and pressed down the on button of the kettle - while waiting more than 5 mintues for it to heat, i then began to poor the water into my mug to find it still cold. Making a scene in front of my friends i screamed - 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE KETTLE' .fucken hell. one of them walk past and said omg kate the kettle isnt even turned on from the power point - this i found was extremely sad on my behalf, how could i put my self in such a situation where everyone was able to see what a true 'blonde' i really am! shame on myself. However i hastingly say that was not the first time ive done something so 'blonde'. Anyhoo.. im finding this photo really cool as the outdoor railing is very fancy and makes the picture look like its taken from a apartment building in Paris. doesnt that sound idealic. plus the fact that she is super skinny adds to make her even luckier!

Im extremely exicted for this weekend, i just want to get out of this small room

I want to go shopppping this weekend - definatly vintage shopping, i want to find some blouse type shirts ones that dont stick to ur skin. I definatly wish i had some money right now... there is always the parents ... hmmm a pair of shoes is looking enticing! got my best bf birthday at cargo in darling harbour on saturday night - i dont know what im going to wear -- decisions decisions....


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